More to do


Jacaranda Bay is already a destination for excursions, yet there is plenty to do and see within easy reach. Kenya is not just beach there are different sceneries, colors, people. It’s a richer and more authentic experience. There are several opportunities for excursions to choose from on site, half or full day, dedicated to the sea or the area. Guaranteed by professional operators.


Many and different occasions, from shopping, to simply strolling through the narrow streets, exploring other beaches. Then in the evening you’ll be spoiled for choice: from an aperitif at sunset, to dinner out (excellent international and Italian restaurants, pizzerias) to clubs with music, not to mention the beach parties (the famous ones at Papa Remo in Watamu and del Rosada in Malindi).
Those who love gambling will find something to do in the Malindi and Watamu casinos

Marine Park and Mida Creek, The Blue Safari

Gede and Marafa (Hells Kitchen)

Che Shale and Robinson’s Island

Malindi, the Little Italy

Watamu Night

Fine Dining